I'm asked to provide my ID to verify my order, is this right?


The Drip Club uses an automated system that verifies the age of our customers. However, if you have recently moved or changed your address, it may not be able to verify your information. Without verification of a customer's age it is illegal for The Drip Club to fulfill an order (per FDA regulations that went into effect August 8th, 2016). You can find out more about the new FDA laws and regulations here:

In case you're wondering, the data you submit on the form is saved across a protected, 128-bit SSL connection that encrypts the data before it is sent to our servers. SSL ensures that anyone who may be prying into our network traffic is not able to actually read the data being submitted to the form. Your information is only viewable by select Drip Club staff who are required to login to our Wufoo database. The information is stored and does not expire or "disappear". However, we can remove any information per the account holder's request. You can also refer to Wufoo's Privacy Statement here:

To complete your order, please complete the verification form at your earliest convenience!

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